Managing Anxiety

Managing Anxiety

So many of us struggle with managing anxiety. I call them the “sick butterflies” that can cause you to have many symptoms such as: lack of sleep, eating too much/not enough, over analyzing situations, struggling with focus, worrying about something that is not there, irritability/frustration around and towards loved ones. I have noticed many clients feel better after completing a “warm treatment.” You may wonder what does that even mean? What is a warm treatment anyway?

This is the idea in which even as a baby when we got flustered and cried, we would fall asleep by receiving some type of warm treatment through our caregivers holding or hugging us and drinking warm milk.

Here are some ideas to manage anxiety that we can try as teens and adults.

  •  Take a bath. Soaking in warm water will help with relaxation and winding down. Add another helpful item: lavender melatonin sleep soak. This product will naturally help you further relax right before bedtime.
  • Taking a warm shower. This will help you to wind down and relax physically which in return may help with lowering your heart rate and jittery type of feelings.
  • Drink a warm noncaffeinated drink. Try sleepy time teas without caffeine along with Texas made honey (Great for allergies too!) Try to cut out caffeinated drinks earlier in the day.
  •   Place a heat pad on your chest or back and rest in a dim lighted room. You will only need to do this for about 15 minutes! Fast way to wind down.
  •  Warm up your blanket in the dryer and lay with it until it cools down. You can complete breathing activities as you lay down which will further aid with relaxation and the de-stressing process.
  •  If it is cold outside, have the fireplace going. Turn off all the lights and put candles around you. Focus on your breathing as you feel the warmth of the fireplace.
  • Try a warm exercise such as hot yoga. Movements along with the warmth will help you with focusing on your breathing and relaxation.
  • Get a massage. This is a great way to relax and loosen up those muscles. Human touch can be comforting and calming.

Remember that we are all different and we may find a certain activity more soothing than another. What if nothing is helping? Make sure to check in with a mental health professional that may help you identify concerns and work towards a more peaceful, happier, and healthier life.

-Damla Ricks, MA, MS., LPC

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