Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer weekend or evening availability?

In addition to our daytime availability, Healing First offers evening availability Monday-Friday as well as Saturday availability. Please keep in mind these are our most requested time slots so do fill up quickly. We can also provide school notes as necessary if sessions are not coordinating with after school availability.

Do you accept insurance?

We have therapists who currently accept insurance and others who only offer private pay rates. At this time, Blue Cross Blue Shield is the only insurance accepted. Please keep in mind that if couples choose to use insurance, all diagnosis made will be under the primary card holder. Insurance does require a diagnosis for claims.

Do you offer free consults?

Due to the current high demand, our therapist do not offer free consults. We know your time is precious. Prior to your first session, we will send you electronic paperwork to be completed, including intake paperwork where you can discuss past history, concerns or goals you have with counseling. Having this information prior to the first session allows each session to be as productive and efficient as possible.

How many sessions do you recommend?

This varies on the client. Once the therapist assesses your needs, they can base recommendations on weekly, bi-weekly sessions. This recommendation could also change based on the type of client. For example, teens generally need to meet weekly until they build rapport which may take 2-3 consistent sessions. Coming every other week may delay the rapport building process, which may delay progress made in therapy. While we want to make sure counseling is a priority for you, we understand other factors can affect the number times you meet, including schedule and financial concerns.

What is your cancellation policy?

Our cancellation policy states that we need a 48-hour cancellation notice. This is to ensure that we are able to provide this slot to a client who maybe waiting for an opening. Appointments that are cancelled after 48 hours are subject to $50 cancellation fee.

I have a teen/child? Do I attend the sessions with my teen? Do I get to meet the therapist?

We love when our teens have their parents support, however it is very important that your child feels safe and comfortable sharing their feelings and making a connection with the therapists. Confidentiality is key. During the first session, therapist will allow for the parent to come in for 15 minutes to help identify concerns and ask questions that maybe important. Therapist will also explain guidelines for therapy and set expectations for both parent and the teen. Therapist and the client will discuss if parent consultation is necessary every 4-5 sessions. Parents can also request a parent consult session with the therapist at any time.

If we are divorced, will you need consent of both parents?

This would depend on the divorce decree that is signed and dated by the judge. By law, parents have to provide appropriate court documentations to protect rights of all legal guardians of the adolescent/teens. Based on the decree/court order, we may need both parents to consent of treatment. We suggest you keep the other parent informed so that when we reach out for consent, they are ready. If the parents do not have any legal documentations related to the child, we will ask for consent of both parents.

Are you LBGTQ friendly?

Healing First Counseling is a safe, nonjudgmental, and supportive place. Regardless of background, ethnicity or religion, our goal us to work together to create an environment that allows for you to be who you are, without hiding or holding back.

I feel like I need both individual and couples counseling. Where do I start?

You can request to do individual counseling with one of our therapists and couples therapy with the another. We prefer that you do not see the same therapist for both individual and couples’ session to ensure we are not developing biases. For example, if a client has already been seeing a therapist and later on start couples therapy with the same person, the other partner may feel left out and ‘ganged up against’

I don’t feel a connection with my current therapist. What should I do?

Let our administrative assistant know by texting (817)-506-3422. We can switch you to another therapist that maybe a better fit. We do not take this personally since we want to ensure you get what you need out of therapy.