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Healing First Counseling is a safe,
nonjudgmental and supportive place! 

Most importantly, we are here to
help teens, adults, couples, and families
who are interested in growing and finding
a new meaning to life.

Individual Counseling

It can be hard to decide when to seek professional help! For example, if you find yourself unsatisfied and disconnected in relationships… 

Teens and Adolescents Counseling

Firstly, keeping up with physical and emotional changes as an adolescent or a teen can be very stressful! Secondly, if you find that your child is struggling with academic challenges or peer pressure in addition to those challenges, they might need some extra support. 

How to Find the Best Fit Therapist for your Teen
Couples Counseling

With Couples, we  work toward identifying  reasons of conflict, disagreements, and isolation in your relationship. Moreover, this is done in a nonjudgmental, constructive, and unbiased setting. This can lead to deeper vulnerability and comfortability with the therapeutic process.

Family Counseling

If here is a crisis or trouble in the family, subsequently, it can affect how the family functions. This can be caused by the loss of a loved one, parent-child or a blended family conflict, However, these events can provide a chance to become even closer with your loved ones and learn how to best problem solve to everyone’s benefit. 

About Us

Welcome! At Healing First Counseling, we are passionate about working with ages 6+, teens, adults, couples, parents, and families. Something that we have always believed is that a healthy connection with one’s therapist is necessary for success. As a result,  we have created a supportive and safe space that allows my clients to feel secure and comfortable during their time at Healing First Counseling.

Why Therapy?

As therapists, it is our responsibility to provide our clients with a nonjudgmental and supportive space where they can grow and discover a new meaning to life. More so, we strive to help guide our clients through the most personal and painful experiences of their lives. It is our job to help you identify your feelings and find ways to cope with those emotions.

Happy Patient

What people say about us. Here are comments from individuals who have visited Counselor.

Frequently Asked Questions

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